Selfie Camera App


A simple, clear app for taking 'selfies'


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Selfie Camera App is a very simple app designed to make it easier to do something which is already quite simple: take a 'selfie' (a photo of yourself taken with your mobile phone).

How does it make something so simple even easier? Well, it's quite simple. With Selfie Camera App you will open the normal camera app on your Android device, but instead of opening the camera at the back, it will open the camera that faces the front, which is what you usually use to take a good 'selfie.'

And that's it. Selfie Camera App doesn't offer any kind of additional editing tools for your photos or any options that allow you to share the images. Instead, as soon as you take the 'selfie,' it will send you directly to your photo gallery, and from there you can share the photo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or wherever you would like.

Requires Android 2.3 or later

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